Opening/Closing Map Tracker

 Opening Map Tracker

  • Open map tracker. Opening bSpine.ipf into Igor Pro.
  • Compile bSpine.ipf. In Igor Pro, click on the ‘Untitled’ command window.
  • Initialize your environment. Select menu bSpine -> Init [user]. Where [user] is either your name or your location. [See Getting Started]. This will bring up the main window. You can bring up the main window at any time by selecting menu ‘bSpine -> Spine Panel’.
  • Start working.

Note: If you do not have a predefined ‘Init [user]’ menu you can initialize map tracker using menu ‘bSpine -> Initialize Map Tracker’. This will initialize Map Tracker with perfectly useful defaults, see Installation.

Quitting Map Tracker (A two step process)

  1. Quit Igor Pro. Use the file menu (windows) or the Igor Pro menu (mac).
  2. Answer No. No, you do not want to save changes to experiment “Untitled”.

Map Tracker does not use the standard menu File->Save. Instead it used the save map button, see Main Window. When you quit Igor Pro you will be asked ‘Do you want to save changes to experiment “Untitled” before quitting?’, you can safely answer ‘No’.

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