1) Buy a licensed copy of Igor Pro from Wavemetrics

2) Install Igor Pro

3) Get a copy of the source code from Bob

4) You can put the source code wherever you like. I keep it all in one folder named bJHU and put that folder into a user folder.

5) Open and run bSpine.ipf

Double click bSpine.ipf to open it in Igor Pro

Compile the code by clicking in the Igor command window (its title is Untitled)

After compilation, you will have a bunch of new menus


6) Select menu ‘bSpine : Initialize On New Computer‘.

You will be prompted to select a folder on your hard-disk. This folder will hold all of your Map Tracker maps.

You will be asked for a user .txt file, hit cancel to accept the defaults.

7) Map Tracker is now installed. The next time you run Map Tracker you can initialize it with menu ‘bSpine -> Initialize Map Tracker’.

8) At this point Map Tracker does not do much, you need to import some stacks and build a map.

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