The Process Window modifies the display of the front-most stack window. All the interface elements of the Process Window operate on the top-most stack.

Once these values are set, all new stack windows will take on these default values.

The first two rows (Ch1/Ch2) control how channel 1 and channel 2 are displayed. The values for Low and High can also be set in a Histogram window.

When there is a checkbox next to an option, this option will be applied to any new Stack windows that are opened. For example, a check next to Ch1 will cause any new Ch1 stacks to have the current Low/High values applied.

Set. Apply the current Low/High clipping to the top image. Alternatively, press 1/2 in the Stack window itself.

Low. Specifies the low clipping of an image. See stack contrast.

High. Specifies the high clipping of an image. See stack contrast.

11 bit [100 1100]. Popup menu with default Low/High values for 8-bit and 11-bit images.

Invert. Inverts the selected color palette.

Color Popup. Specifies the color palette of an image.

Clip Image. Set the color of pixels < Low and > High to the left and right colors respectively.

RGB Mult. Set the RGB multiplier. Only applies to 4D stacks, a 4D stack is a 3D RGB stack.

Histogram. Display a histogram. Histogram also allows you to interactively set low/high.

Z-Project. Display a maximal Z-Projection of a stack.

Link Windows. Will link all open Stack windows such that their navigation (pan, zoom, scroll) is linked.

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