Stack DB

A Stack DB allows you to annotate your stacks with a list of 3D points.

Bring up the ‘Stack Util 2’ window by right-clicking your stack and selecting ‘Stack Util 2 Panel…’

Here we have a stack where three points have been added.

Add new points in the stack window with ‘shift + left-mouse-button’.

By default the program will ask to verify each new point. Turn this off by unchecking ‘Warn on new point’.

Once you have some points you can select a point (i) by clicking it in the stack or (ii) selecting the point in the list dispayed in the Stack Util 2 window.

‘Save Stack db2’ will save your stack db as a comma delimeted text file, one row for each point in your database. The first line in the .txt file specifies the name of each field. You can use these field names to load and parse the file in your favorite analysis program (e.g. Matlab).

#i,stackName,originalPath,originalFile,canvasName,roiType,x,y,z,channel,cDate,mDate,userName,note, 0,i20100917_a73_s5,Vasculature:Users:cudmore:Desktop:,i20100917_a73_s5.tif,,pointROI,594.34,386.58,18,NaN,3466323611.044000,,,, 1,i20100917_a73_s5,Vasculature:Users:cudmore:Desktop:,i20100917_a73_s5.tif,,pointROI,627.56,433.64,19,NaN,3466323616.962000,,,, 2,i20100917_a73_s5,Vasculature:Users:cudmore:Desktop:,i20100917_a73_s5.tif,,pointROI,613.26,476.32,20,NaN,3466323630.536000,,,,


Grab Stack Window : Populate the Stack Util 2 window with the stack DB of the frontmost stack.

Release : Release the frontmost stack


Save Stack DB2 : Saves the stack DB to hard-disk-drive (hdd). A new hdd folder ‘stackdb’ is created inside the hdd folder where the original stack was opened.

Display : Controls how the stack DB is displayed

– : Delete the selected point

E : display the stack db as a text table (copy and past into your favorite programs)

R : Refresh stack db list, [depreciated]


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