Searching is performed across a single map and the results is a list of spines. Double-clicking on a spine result will open a Stack Run centered on that spine.

A list of spines resulting from a search of Spine is Addition. 36 of 430 spines are addition.

Search. Perform the search and fill in the resulting spines.

Plot Stack Index. Select a spine in the list and click ‘Plot Stack Index’ to plot that spine in its stack.

Plot Spine Run. Select a spine the the list and click ‘Plot Spine Run’ to plot the spine in a stack run.


‘Object’ and ‘Is’ popups are options. You fill in ‘Value’ when using >, <, or = ¬†for ‘Is’.

Examples of different selection for ‘Object’ and ‘Is’ popups:

  • Spine is Addition : Generates a list of all spines that are addition.
  • Spine is Subtraction : Generates a list of a spines that are subtraction
  • Spine Note is Not Empty : Generates a list of spines that have spine notes (their spine note is not empty)
  • Spine Length is > 1 um : Generates a list of spines whose length is greater than 1 um. Length here is the length of the spine line.



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