Main Window

Main Map Tracker Window

The main window for Map Tracker is titled bSpine (it will be renamed soon).

Map. Popup to select the active map.
Load Map. Load a saved map from disk. Every map that is loaded with will be appended to the Map popup.
Save Map. Save the active map to disk.
Plot Map. Plot the active map.
Unload All Stacks. Unload previously opened stacks that are no longer displayed. See Memory below.

Search. Open the search window to search a map for spines.
Process. Open the process window to set display options for stacks.
Map Maker. Open the Map Maker window to make new maps.
Options. Open the Options panel to set global program options.
Close All Windows. Close all open Stack, Histogram, etc. windows (does not close Map windows).


  • Map Tracker does NOT use the File->Save menu. You need to  save your work using the ‘Save Map‘ button.
  • There is no way to ‘close’ a map.

Where are my files saved?

[todo] Write ‘where are my files saved page?.


As you open Stack windows, 3D stacks are loaded from disk into memory. Closing a stack window DOES NOT remove the 3D stack from memory. The rational here is that this should save you time (as opposed to opening a 3D stack each time you open a stack window). A side effect is that you will eventually run out of memory. Occasionaly use the ‘Unload All Stacks’ button to clear out some memory.

Microsoft Windows. As you open and unload stacks, memory becomes fragmented and you eventually won’t be able to open a stack (even though you have enough memory). This is because memory becomes fragmented and is an inherent limitation of Microsoft Window. Solution is to quit and restart Igor Pro.

Macintosh OSX. Igor Pro runs best in 32-bit mode. This limits your memory. Until Igor Pro gets a 64-bit working, use ‘Unload All Stacks’ to clear some memory and open more stacks.

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