The histogram window display a histogram of intensity value for a stack, one image plan at a time. When viewing a stack, bring up the histogram window with keyboard-h.


To open the histogram window for a stack:

  • keyboard-h
  • Click on the stack window and then click the ‘histogram’ button in the process panel.
  • Right-click on the stack and select ‘Plot -> Histogram’ from the popup menu

As slices in a stack are scrolled through (mouse-wheel), the histogram window is updated to display the histogram of the currently displayed image.

The low and high contrast values can be set with the sliders or manually as numbers. The associated stack will adjust its contrast as these values are changed.

Tip: The contrast values are global. Set the contrast in one stack and apply these contrast values to other stacks by selecting the stack window and pressing keyboard-1 or keyboard-2 to refresh the display of the channel (with the new contrast values).

See Also. Advanced Topics -> Stack Contrast.


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