Hyperstack Window

A hyperstack holds a sequence of 3D image stacks, one timepoint per stack.

Hyperstack Window


Provides interface to load and save hyperstacks and open additional panels.

Load. Load a hyperstack from disk.

Save. Save selected hyperstack to disk.

Map Plot. For selected hyperstack, plot the nodes/branches and their connections across timepoints.

Hyperstack. Display a hyperstack stack of specified timepoint.

FindPnts. Edit connections between ‘Timepoint‘ and ‘TP 2‘. Please see Find Points.

Point List. Browse both nodes and edges of specified timepoint.

Tree. Browse nodes, edges, and slabs of specified timepoint.

3D Graph. 3D graph of nodes, edges, and slab for specified timepoints.

List. A list of all timepoints with some key parameters.

HS DB. Build a database of hyperstacks on hard-drive. Provides interface to quickly load hyperstacks.



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