Out of memory

If you run out of memory, press ‘Unload All Stacks’ in the main bSpine window. If this does not help, you can save your work, quit and restart Igor Pro. Be sure to save you work with ‘Save Map’ before you quit.

Microsoft Windows. Does a really poor job of managing memory, eventually memory becomes fragmented and¬†although¬†you have plenty of memory, you can’t open a new stack. Sorry to say, the only solution is to save your work and reopen Map Tracker.

Macintosh OSX. As of Oct 2012, Igor Pro is a 32-bit application (their 64-bit application is really buggy). This imposes limits on the amount of memory available (regardless of the amount your system has). If you run out of memory and ‘Unload all stacks’ does not work, save your work and restart Igor PRo.

Map window becomes corrupt

The map window will sometimes become corrupt while you are editing spine connections with Stack Run. This corruption will appear as lots of black lines and a white background.

Solution, close and reopen the map window with ‘Plot Map’ button of main window. If this does not fix the map window, save your work and restart Igor Pro.

Spine Tags don’t make sense

Sometimes the tags that show spine numbers in a Stack Run will not make sense. First solution is to close and reopen the Stack Run. Second solution is to right-click the map and select ‘Regenerate Spine Labels’.

Bug Report


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